The list of families who for centuries have nurtured Maryland's horse industry is a virtual who's who of the equestrian world. Maryland farms and institutions have placed the state at the pinnacle of America's love for horses. Filmed in HIGH-DEFINITION, "Thundering Hooves: Maryland Steeplechase Racing," is a full-length documentary film of Maryland's horse culture and industry now airing on Maryland Public Television.

The one-hour episode "Thundering Hooves: Maryland Steeplechase Racing" brings the past to life while documenting the world of point-to-point racing today. Through extensive on-camera interviews with prominent Maryland horse enthusiasts, archival photographs and movie footage, RUBICON PRODUCTIONS shares the compelling story of steeplechase racing in Maryland. To document the industry today, we followed owners, trainers, and their horses as they prepared for and participated in the great steeplechase races held annually in the state, including the Potomac Hunt Races and the prestigious Maryland Hunt Cup.