RUBICON PRODUCTIONS, in conjunction with Maryland Public Television announces the production of The War of 1812 in Maryland.  The one hour television special will highlight the various locations across the state that played a role in the often "forgotten war."

Highly stylized recreations will be used to tell the fascinating stories behind the war.  "We've been doing recreations for many years and our ability to do so is one of the main reasons MPT wanted us to help them with this important project" says Director Drew Perkins. The goal of the documentary is to remind Marylanders that the War of 1812 is an integral part of the State's rich heritage.

According to Producer Midge FlInn Yost, "You would be amazed at how many people in Maryland do not realize how significant this state was in this war-not just with Fort McHenry but with the thousands of everyday people who rose to the occasion and sent the British home.  We hope to shed light on this reality."

The television special is scheduled to air in May of 2012.