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Who We Are

Rubicon Productions is a non-profit film and video company dedicated to the production of educational and informative films and video for television broadcast and instructional use.


Our Services

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We are a full-service film and video company that offers everything from editing services, scripting, research, project consultation to crews, cameras, duplication and distribution. We also create companion products for our films such as books, music CDs, learning guides and DVDs.
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We produce the highest quality documentaries and secures exposure for these films on major broadcast outlets throughout the nation and the world.
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We love to use our production experience to help others create visual projects that will educate, inform and inspire.

Have any questions? Give us a call 443.255.6438 

More Recent Work

alpha kappa alpha centennial

Alpha Kappa Alpha Centennial

Founded at Howard University in Washington DC, Alpha Kappa Alpha began to shape the course of history one hundred years ago, drawing on the intelligence, vision, bravery and persistence of its members.
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MPT War of 1812

MPT's War of 1812

In conjunction with Maryland Public Television announces the production of The War of 1812 in Maryland.  The one hour television special will highlight the various locations across the state that played a role in the often "forgotten war.
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MPT War of 1812

Thundering Hooves

Thundering Hooves: Maryland Steeplechase Racing," is a full-length documentary film of Maryland's horse culture and industry now airing on Maryland Public Television.
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Critical Acclaim

"Using contemporary on-location footage, re-enactors, photographic and portrait stills this PBS production gives the viewer a glimpse of Robert E. Lee the man. The visual, which is given context by a narrator, character voices, and excellent commentary by a number of historians among whom are James Robertson and James McPherson, is flawless. Their commentary ranges from sympathetic to critical/politically correct. What we see is that Lee was very much a man of his era and place in society with all the attendant virtues and vices. This excellent look at the man Robert Edward Lee is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for high school and lower division undergraduates. Public libraries with active Civil War collections should find this gets heavy usage."



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